Archived Sermons

6/11/17 Knowing Your Place

5/28/17 Life Together

5/21/17 The Unknown God

4/30/17 Up Close n Personal

4/23/17 Bulletproof

4/9/17 Demonstrations, Marches, and Rallies

4/2/17 Dem Dry Bones

3/5/17 If You Are; If You Will

2/19/17 Not as Smart as We Think We Are

2/12/17 An Ultimate Ultimatum

2/5/17 Fake Fasts

1/29/17 The Power to Pardon

12/25/16 Surprised by Love

12/24/16 Gone Viral

12/11/16 What You See is What You Get

11/27/16 Lay Down That Sword and Shield

11/20/16 Like a Shepherd, Lead Us

11/13/16 The Day of the Lord

11/6/16 How to Save Your Kids from Cults

10/30/16 All Along the Watchtower

10/16/16 Justice Delayed

10/9/16 Lemonade

10/2/16 The Most Valuable Heirloom

9/18/16 The Luxury of Despair

9/11/16 The Last Pokemon

9/4/16 Mulligan Theology

8/21/16 Repairers of the Breach

8/14/16 The Meaning of Judgement

8/7/16 The Meaning of Faith

7/17/2016 Licensed Fruit Inspectors

7/10/2016 Why Pass By?

7/3/2016 Where is Your God?

6/5/16 The Real Deal

5/29/16 On the Other Hand

5/15/16 All Together, Now

5/8/16 Pick Up Your Bed and Walk

5/1/16 Faith, Hope, and Charity

4/24/16 The Christian Penumbra

4/17/16 The New Normal

4/10/16 Persecution: Real and Imagined

4/3/16 To Speak or Not To Speak

3/27/16 The Sixth Immortality

3/6/2016 Good Riddance

2/28/16 Water, Water Everywhere!

2/21/16 Into the Storm

2/14/16 God's Little Acre

1/31/16 Spirit Power: Part 2

1/24/16 Spirit Power: Part 1

12/27/15 Continuing Education

12/24/15 Christmas Eve Service: Be Not Afraid

12/13/15 Highway to Bethlehem

11/29/15 War on Advent

11/22/15 Long Live the King

11/15/15 This Too Shall Pass

11/8/15 The Widow's Mite

11/1/15 The Great Commandment

10/25/15 Friends and Family

10/18/15 Despair is not an option

10/11/15 Money

10/4//15 Heart Attack

9/27/15 "Stuff-ocation"

"Stuff-ocation" What are the things that are keeping us from living authentically? Jesus' answer: "Let it go."

9/20/15 Laster Than Thou

9/13/15 What People Say

8/30/15 The Advocate

8/16/15 Little Start, Big Finish

7/19/15 Missional Discontinuity

7/12/15 Promises to Keep

7/5/15 Like a Phoenix

6/28/15 Desperation to Hope

6/7/15 Meet the Rose Family

5/31/15 Meeting Jesus

5/24/15 Together In One Place

5/17/15 Building a Legacy

5/10/15 Up Close and Personal

5/3/15 Loving the Other

4/26/15 A Good Shepherd

4/19/15 Deep Change

4/12/15 The Last Eye Witness

3/29/15 Sermon - No One Gets Out Alive

Palm Sunday

3/22/15 We Would See Jesus

3/1/15 Lost and Found

2/22/15 The Waiting is Over

2/15/15 Listen to Him

The recent Grammy awards bring to mind the question, "Who are you listening to?". What do you think of the multi-award winning song "Stay With Me"? Well, in this Sunday's text we hear God asking that same question of us only he gives the answer: "This is my son, the beloved. Listen to him." It's the simple answer to the hard question of what it means to be a Christian.

2/8/15 Those Who Wait on the Lord

2/1/15 Authority and Power

1/25/15 Fishers of Men

The call of Christ is not to a pleasant, comfortable life but to the service of our brothers and sisters. He called Peter and Andrew promising to make them fishers of men, not millionaires.

1/18/15 Come and See

1/11/15 This Changes Everything

Christians are just like everyone else, right? Wrong! Come and see how we're different.

1/4/15 The Emporer's Clothes

Kim Jung-un and Herod the Great – two despots who crave power so desperately that, once they got it, they became paranoid about keeping it and over reacted to imagined threats. Is there not a little bit of Herod in each of where personal power is concerned? Jesus teaches us about an alternative source of power which comes not from a throne but from a cross, not from the ability to kill others but from the decision to love others, even unto death.

12/14/14 Tidings of Comfort

11/30/14 Things to Do While Waiting

11/23/14 Four Kings

11/16/14 All In

11/9/14 Rapture Schmapture

11/2/14 Father Nags Best

10/26/14 My Witness, My Self

10/19/14 What Belongs to Caesar

"Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's," which begs the question, "How much belongs to Caesar?" My money? My children? My Marriage? My self? We'll talk about it this Sunday. (FYI- This is the sermon where I explain why I support Marriage equality)

10/12/14 Y'all Come

Jesus has opened the Kingdom of God, and the church, to all people of every age, race, orientation, and station. Everyone is welcome to the party. Everyone!

10/4/14 Rejected Stones

9/28/14 He Said He Would But He Didn't

In my 32 years of ministry and service as a pastor, police chaplain and hospital chaplain I have seen every kind of child abuse imaginable and unimaginable and in every single case the parents insisted that they loved their children. This Sunday, Jesus reminds us that love has very little to do with how we feel or what we think or believe. It's about what we do.

9/21/14 Another Year in the Wilderness

9/14/14 Seventy Seven and More

Jesus said to forgive each other 70x7 times... that's uh... let's see... carry the... Wait a minute! That's 490 times! How is a person supposed to keep track of that many times? Exactly... Let's talk about it.

9/7/14 Grace Upon Grace

8/31/14 Jesus Icognito

People in the news are always seeing Jesus in the darnedest places: on a tortilla, on a pizza, a Cheeto, a slice of potato, and even on a grilled cheese sandwich. So where do you look when you want to see, really see, Jesus?

8/10/14 Let It Rain

What do they do in Ferdinand, Indiana, when it rains?

8/3/14 Now It's Personal

7/27/14 Raison d'Etre

"The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent, but if we can come to terms with this indifference, then our existence as a species can have genuine meaning. However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light." Stanley Kubrick. What do you think? Was Kubrick right? How does this related to Jesus telling us, "You are the light of the world"?

7/13/14 Blessed

Time for some old fashioned Bible study as we take an in depth look at the Beatitudes in Matthew's gospel. What does it mean to be blessed? What are the costs of blessedness?

7/6/13 Lost in Plain Sight

6/29/14 A Nation Blessed

As we prepare for Independence Day we pause for a few moments to give thanks to God and pray for this great and glorious country and to ask what God might require of a nation blessed as ours has been.

6/22/14 Fear Itself

What are you afraid of? Really, afraid of? What kinds of fears keep you up at night and make you sick just to imagine them? Jesus had a lot to say about fear and worry.

6/8/14 Roger Wilco

The real gift of Pentecost is the ability to communicate effectively with one another.

6/1/14 That We Might Be One

Last month "Christian Century" magazine asked if it is time for the United Methodist Church to split over the issue of homosexuality and marriage equality. This week 80 pastors and scholars in the south proposed just that in a statement to the press released through the conservative caucus, Good News. Is it time to split? Should we become the Un-united Methodist Church?

5/25/14 I Will Not Leave You Orphaned

"I will not leave you orphaned" says Jesus to us (John 14) and say we to those who are alone in the world.

5/18/14 Risk Refuge

Our religious faith can be a refuge for us in times of great trouble, but only to the degree that we have been willing to take risks for our faith. We can't be "sorta" committed. We can't hedge our bets. We're either all in or all out.

4/27/14 by Our Scars

4/6/14 Biblical Bracketology

3/23/14 Samaritans All

"The Skanky Samaritan". Okay, I'm just kidding but that would be a good title for this sermon.

3/9/14 Of Tacos and Temptations

3/2/14 Don't Just Do Something, Stand There

"Who is Keyser Soze?" Remember this movie? How the last five minutes completely redefined the film and you felt like you really needed to watch it again, this time with understanding?

2/23/14 Beyond Blind and Toothless

"You have heard, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I say, Do not resist an evildoer. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also..." (Matthew 5:38-39) Even the fundamentalists don't take this one literally.

2/16/14 The Existential Moment

Of all the species that have walked the earth in its billion + years of existence, we (humans) are the only one who has been invited to self consciously participate in our own evolution. And we do participate -- intentionally or unintentionally -- by the choices we make.

2/9/14 With the Mind of Christ

Paul calls the Corinthians (and us) to stop viewing the world through our own prejudices and preconceptions and start viewing it through "the mind of Christ."

2/2/14 United in Mind and Purpose

2000 years after Jesus asked us to "love one another" we still haven't figured out how to do it.

1/19/14 To Tell the Truth

People of God are called to speak up and speak out -- against injustice, for love, and about Jesus.

1/12/14 Re-gifted But Not Returned

Baptism is a symbol and a celebration of God's Grace. It is a gift that can be re-gifted (given to someone else) but not returned. (You can't get unbaptized.)

1/5/14 The Heaviness of Light

The symbol of "light" in Christianity and other world religions.